• Cerren Richards

An award winning lab!

(from left): Jackson, Cerren and Brandy

Congratulations to three of our lab members who have recently won prestigious awards:

1) Dr. Jackson Chu (PostDoc) - Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Fellowship

The goal of the SCAR Fellowship is to create opportunities for early-career researchers to build new and long-lasting international partnerships relating to Antarctic science. Jackson will be collaborating with Dr. Simon Morley and the British Antarctic Survey to examine oxygen-regulating strategies in 'simple' animals to test their potential vulnerability to climate change. Jackson will be primarily using his fellowship funds to travel to the Antarctic Gateway on his way to Rothera Station where he will be spending part of the summer field season performing his ecophysiology experiments.

2) Brandy Biggar (MSc) - TD Graduate Bursary for Environmental Studies

Brandy was awarded this bursary for academic excellence and the merit of her research studying the effects of extreme weather on the invasive shore crab, Carcinus maenas.

3) Cerren Richards (MSc) - Leslie Tuck Avian Ecology Award

Cerren wrote an award winning essay for the general public that described her seabird energetic research and its relevance to avian conservation and habitat protection in Newfoundland and Labrador. The essay will be published later this year in The Osprey, a Nature NL society publication.

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